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Alpine Symphony Sleeve Notes  
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Sleeve Notes  
Ralph Williams-Morgan  
Piano Arrangement Opus 610000 
Movements (28.47) 
One: Echoes and Valleys (8.32) 
Two: Early Views (3.44) 
Three: Views From This Side (4.52) 
Four: Views From The Other Side (9.34) 
Five: Views From The Top (1.46) 
Produced by Ralph Williams-Morgan 
RWM Music 2001. Original soundrecording made by Ralph Williams-Morgan. All timings are approximate. The copyright of this sound recording is owned by RWM Music 
Booklet front cover and CD picture: Matterhorn, copyright Corel Corporation, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 
WARNING: All rights of the producer and owner of the works reproduced reserved. Unauthorized copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this recording prohibited. Cat No. CD05 11052 S 1 
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Made in UK  
The idea for Alpine Symphony came from a walking climb in the mountains. 
British composer born in Wales 23 Apil 1937, though retaining a casual interest in composition and piano, he abandoned his early formal music training for commerce, family and travel. Eventuatly, the call of music was too strong and composing started prolifically in 1992. Through The Williams-Morgan Piano Competition, he combines introducing music with opportunity for talented pianists. He is dedicated to composing new set music for the Competition and will use Alpine Symphony. initially, he plays and records all compositions, and later, enjoys hearing different interpretations of that music during the competitions. 
Two other recordings of his work are available as piano arrangements : 
Wistful Symphony 
Inclndes 6 works ,9 tracks 
Approximate total playing time 58.46 
Cat No 01 61012-(4607-2) 
Single - EP: 
Reflections of Pied Piper 
6 tracks 
Approximate total playingtime 44.48 
Cat No 06 11062 EPI 
INTRODUCTION and information by the composer 
It was in the early 1980's the idea for Alpine Symphony germinated. My notes show that part of the first, and all of the second movements were in that short original work of about six minutes. Yet, it was 1994 before I returned to my musical idea, which was a walking climb in the mountains, and views.  The music tries to suggest that when taking such a walk, most views are constant. Later, apart from there being another side to a mountain, as the height increases, the walker becomes more aware of those views. Eventually, the walker reaches the top of the mountain and discovers the grand scheme of things by taking in, views from the top. 
One. Echoes and Valleys 
The first movement tries to suggest the majesty of mountains with the walker becoming aware of sound, height and valleys at the start of an imaginary journey. 
Two. Early Views 
The second movement suggests the walker enjoying pastoral scenes as the height increases. 
Three. Views From This Side 
The third movement suggests a greater vista of those earlier pastoral views. Though views remain constant from this side, the walker becomes more aware of them as height increases. Perhaps, even hearing tolling bells in the distance. 
Four. Views From The Other Side 
The forth movement takes the imaginary walker around the other side of the Mountain Here, while views are similar, in many ways they are different. Towards the end there is a sense of those views being grand mountain scenery. 
Five. Views From The Top 
The short fifth movement is the destination for the work. It puts the experience of the walking climb and all the views into context and there is no more to say. 
Also available are Music Books that follow his performance 
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